Test If Your Stomach Acid Is Too Week By Using A Beet

It is considered that the consumption of beet regulates the levels of the stomach acid. It is very easy. All you have to do is to consume beet and then to check the color of the urine.

Namely, if it is clear, it means that you have enough stomach acid. However, if the urine color is pink, it means that the stomach acid is too weak. After consuming beets, the urine discoloration to red or pink is known as a beeturia.

It is caused by the pigment betalain found in the beets, which is broken down and excreted. The flora of the gut and the stomach acid have an important role in breaking down the food into pigments. The pH of the stomach acid breaks down the proteins, and supplies the body with Vitamin B12.

A lack of zinc will lead to weak immune system and will hinder the body processes. If you have insufficient stomach acid, the body will not be able to break down and digest the proteins adequately. Namely, if the stomach acid is low, the body is not able to metabolize and assimilate the pigments adequately.

If this happens, the proteins in a form of fragments travel to the small intestine. It in turn will cause numerous healthy issues, such as: leaky gut. This health issues is caused when the gluten fragments make small holes in the small intestine and allow undigested food components to go to the bloodstream.

In addition, the bad absorption of Vitamin B12 can make you experience fatigue. It indicates that the gut will experience serious issues, thus making you exhausted and tired most of the time.


• Gaining weight easily
• Feeling lethargic / exhausted
• Prone to allergies and asthma
• Experience skin issues
• Suffer from gas, indigestion or reflux.

However, luckily, the consumption of beet may show you the acid level in your stomach. After consuming beet, if your urine is pink, it indicates that the pH level is very low, so you should follow the following instructions:

• 15 – 30 minutes before having a meal, drink two glasses of water

By drinking water before having a meal, you will protect your body from the acid. The Ayurvedic Medicine believes that the stomach will give you a signal and will increase the secretion of hydrochloric acid.

• Before having a meal, drink a large sip of apple cedar vinegar

Before having a meal, drink a large sip of apple cedar vinegar in order to reduce the acidity in the stomach. All you have to do is to add 1 tablespoon of apple cedar vinegar in a glass of water.

• Consume juices, nettle tea and green smoothies on a daily basis

Their nutrition will help the absorption of the food.

• Use raw, unprocessed honey

The consumption of raw honey will populate the gut with good bacteria, which will get rid of the harmful ones. However, if you have Candida or sugar balance, do not use it.

• Coconut oil

A tablespoon of coconut oil will help you to treat Candida in the gut and to eliminate bad bacteria.

• Include soaked linseeds in your diet

Soak a teaspoon of linseeds in a glass of water and leave it to stay during the night. In the morning, drink the mixture. It will rehydrate and regulate the digestive system.

• Drink plenty of water

Drink warm water or water with lemon juice before having a meal.

• Include warming spices in your diet

Warming spices such as: ginger, cumin, cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, fennel seeds and chili will help you to improve the digestion.

• A combination of apple cedar vinegar and lemon juice

In a glass of warm water, mix raw apple cedar vinegar and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Drink it 15 minutes before having a meal. It will improve the stomach pH and enhance the digestion.


• Beets have anti-cancerous properties

Beets contain a large number of healthy nutrients. Namely, it is loaded with folate, betailing, potassium and antioxidants. The beet is very beneficial for preventing cancer development. According to the numerous studies, a great number of people with sold tumors have experienced remission. In fact, these people consumed beet powder in water. Therefore, the consumption of beet on a regular basis led to a reduction of the tumor size.

• Beets are one of the healthiest foods

According to the Summer fancy Food Show, beets are among the 5 most beneficial foods in the world. In addition, the consumption of beets enhances the digestion, boosts up libido and reduces blood pressure level.

• Beets reduce blood pressure levels

Consuming beet juice may help you to regulate the blood pressure levels. According to the studies, a glass of beet juice reduces the systolic blood pressure. Beets are rich in nitrates, which get transformed into nitric oxide that dilate and calms down the blood vessels, reduces blood pressure and improves blood flow.

• Beets prevent inflammation

Beets are rich in betaine, a nutrients than enhances the enzymes, proteins and the cells. As a result of it high amount of betaine beets effectively prevent and sooth inflammation, protect the organs and prevent serious health issues.

• Beets boost up stamina

Drink beet juice before doing exercises, and your stamina will be increased by 16 %.

• Beets recued the risk of heart diseases

Beets are rich in betaine and Vitamin B – folate, which reduce the blood levels of homocysteine. The increased levels of homocysteine increase the risk of experiencing heart disease or artery damage.

• Beets fight against chronic diseases

Beets are rich in betalains, potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that prevent free radical and inflammatory chronic diseases, such as: heart disease, obesity and even cancer. When it comes to cancer, researches suggest that betacyanin, a pigment that gives beets its purple color may help protect against carcinogens.

• Beets detoxify the body

Beets have pigments, which promote the processes of attaching toxins to other molecules in order to be successfully removed from the human body. It is known as a phase II detoxification process.

• Beets prevent respiratory problems

Beetroot is rich in vitamin C, which helps to prevent the symptoms of asthma. The natural beta carotene found in beetroot helps to prevent lung cancer. In addition, Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant, which boosts up the immune system.

Except acting as an antioxidant and fighting against the effects of free radicals in the body, Vitamin C also stimulates the activity of white blood cells, the body’s main weapon of defense against foreign bodies, as well as bacterial, viral, fungal and protozoan toxins, which can lead to a multitude of infections and illnesses.

Source: http://cuisineandhealth.site