10 Ways to Keep Spiders Out of Your House

Even though most spiders found at home are not dangerous, there might be some that can bite you and cause allergic reactions, or even transmit some serious diseases.

The thing is, if you’ve found one of these creepy crawlers in your bed, the chances to see another one again are pretty big. So, it’s best to do something to prevent your bed from becoming one of the spiders’ gathering places.

Luckily, you can do this without using toxic chemicals and exposing yourself to their harmful effects. Instead, all you have to do is know how to use certain natural ingredients or do some ordinary things to keep them away from your bed. And, here you’ll learn all that.

10 Ways to Repel Spiders from Your Bed


Spiders are attracted to the skin cells, hair, and oils that settle on the bedding after sleeping in them for several days. Therefore, changing your sheets often might be a good idea to prevent them from approaching.


Storing shoes, boxes, clothing, or anything else under your bed makes this place a perfect home for spiders. And, being your close neighbors, they will surely visit your bed often. Therefore, don’t store anything under your bed and keep it clean!


Spiders find certain fragrances repulsive. So, spraying your sheets with few drops of mint, orange, lavender, or lemon essential oil (or all of them) diluted in water will surely help to keep them away from your bed.

You can use a spray bottle for easier application. As a plus, your bedding will smell wonderful.


Make sure your bed is not placed up against a wall without a headboard or pushed into a corner. Cracks in the wall make easier for spiders to get to your bedding. Besides moving your bed away from the wall, you should also keep a slight distance from other furniture.


Lying in your bed, all curled up in the covers and watching your favorite TV show is perfect for nibbling on some snack. However, your crumbs too are the ideal snacks for spiders. So, eat in the kitchen, not in your bed.


If there are spiders on your ceiling, they can easily fall right in your bed. Therefore, clean your ceiling lamps and fans, and if you must, use even a ladder to reach them and clean all the dirt, dust, and cobwebs.


Are you wondering how a dehumidifier will help you repel spiders? Well, bugs including spiders thrive in a humid environment, so keeping the air in your room dry will make sure they stay away from your room.


The ordinary white vinegar can make your room and bed unappealing to spiders. Just mix some water and white vinegar in 1:1 ratio, and use a spray bottle to spritz your room corners and suspicious places like besides the door or bed.

Just, be careful not to spray the mixture directly onto your bedding since the vinegar can be abrasive.


If you know where and when to find chestnuts, you’ll get a free spider repellant. They don’t release any odor and are completely safe, so you can place few of them near your door, windows, or bed to keep spiders away. Plus, they don’t turn rancid quickly, so they’ll serve you for a long time.


As we mentioned above, spiders don’t like certain smells, and one of them is the citrus smell. So, besides using essential oils, you can use citrus peels to repel spiders and other bugs from your room and bed.

As they are completely safe, you can place them in different parts of the room, and near your bed. However, do replace your citrus peels with new ones every 24-48 hours to preserve their strong, spider-repelling smell.

Source: http://health-and-love-page.com