Unlike dogs, cats can truly be mystifying! Weíve broken down ten common actions and just what they mean so we can talk to our feline family members and make our homes an even happier place!

-Sprint Jump

This one might seem a little scary. Seeing your cat sprint and then jump off places like your couch might be frightening, but the truth is, itís just getting exercise. Donít worry if you see your pet doing this, they know what they are doing!

-Rubbing against you

Cats like to rub against you for the same reason that they like to rub against furniture. Your cat is ďmarkingĒ you with his/her scent. You are his/her human and he/she wants everyone to know it. Take it as a compliment! Your cat is showing pride in having you as an owner.


This is when cats look like they are kneading/making bread. This is a behavior from their days as a baby, when they would knead at their motherís breast to stimulate milk production. Itís a calming movement to for cats that helps them feel calm as well! Sometimes the cats themselves will knead on your body, which expresses comfort towards you. Your cat likes you, thatís always a good thing.

-Uncovered Poop

Cats are beloved as pets because of their ability to take care of themselves, and that includes how they handle their waste. So when a cat is not covering their poop, itís a sign of anger towards its owners. Cats are never great with authority figures, so they might do something like this after a situation that questions their dominance.

-Twitching Ears

This one is one to watch for. Twitching ears are a sign of anxiety and/or agitation, and its a sign to back off and leave them alone. Following actions could be a little bit more unpleasant- including running away, hissing, and more.

-Staring With Their Mouths Open

This is your cat doing a scientific action called the ďFlehmen response.Ē The cat opens his mouth to smell through the roof of its mouth, helping them understand more complex scents than what the nose by itself can decipher. It looks like your cat might be curling its lips, but itís doing something incredibly complex!

-Little Meow

A little meow if their way of saying hello and greeting you. Itís subtle and sweet and easy to understand. Cats will most likely follow the meowing up by rubbing up against you. What a great thing to come home to!


This is another sign of frustration when your cat isnít able to get what it wants. It sounds a little weird for sure, but itís a completely normal sound.

-Laying on stuff

When cats want attention, theyíll do everything they can to get your attention, and that means laying on your stuff and demanding that you play. Itís also a sign that they want to feel secure, and safe around you. Try having your cat around when youíre most relaxed to relax your cat as well!

-Sleeping on your chest

Going again with feeling secure, your cat loves sleeping on your chest because of your warmth, as well as being able to feel your heartbeat! Itís a sign your cat feels protected against you. It might be a little tough with a cat on your chest, but take it as a sign of love!