Boils on your inner thighs as well as buttocks can be very uncomfortable and painful. These are little bumps that even though they appear like acne, they are actually very different.

Blisters, boils, or ulcers usually stem from hair follicles that are inflamed. Another reason for the appearance of boils can be a hormonal disbalance or maybe even sweat retention.

Because of the sweat retention, they usually show up around your thighs and buttocks.


-The appearing of a red a swollen lump

-Discomfort and pain when you touch it

-The appearing of a yellow head

-May cause leakage of a clear fluid

-Usually spreads if you don’t treat it

Since these are so uncomfortable and are an often occurrence for so many people, we’ve compiled a list of ten remedies that are going to help you get rid of them!


Apple cider vinegar is a very useful and also diverse ingredient that people use for an array of things. An amazing thing is that it can also be used for treating by soaking a cotton swab and applying it over your boils. If you apply it to the center of the boil, it’s most effective that way.


Aloe Vera is completely antibacterial, and using the gel to place over your boils is good because it reduces swelling and helps the boil heal completely.


Garlic is often used for many things because it is antibacterial and also helps treat inflammations.

Make a paste out of garlic and apply it over your boils which will help soothe pain and discomfort. Make sure the garlic cloves are fresh.


Neem, or divine tree has a long history of being used for an array of benefits. Using the leaves or the neem oil is good for use for when you’re struggling with boils, and other skin conditions.

Make or find a place to purchase some neem leaves paste and apply it over the boil, and expect results fast. Do it two times a day, doing it before showering is best, because it’s the most convenient.


Turmeric contains curcumin relieves pain and discomfort when you apply it over the boils. Apply one paste twice a day, and wait for the results!

A thing to keep in mind is that turmeric is known for leaving some yellow stains on the skin, and can also cause eye damage if it comes in contact, so make sure you watch out while applying.


Using some essential from tea tree oil with some cotton swabs or just directly applying it over the boil can provide some relief and get rid of the pain and discomfort the little boils trigger. People recommend to use it two times a day.


Scrubbing the boil that you’re struggling with, with some Epsom crystals or some other salt crystals salt is good because it contains magnesium, and it’s very good for healing of the boil.

This is also going to relieve pain and discomfort.


Black cumin or black seeds are very beneficial for using because it provides healing and relief of pain.

Rub some black seed oil over the boil twice a day, and it will even help heal scarring and remove the boils completely as well.

With all this in mind, another thing to put in consideration is to not wear tight fitting clothes that will suffocate the boil.

Warm showers two times a day is also good to provide maximum hygiene for yourself. Also, try wearing cotton clothes and loose comfortable outfits to provide ultimate comfort to relieve discomfort.


Onions have antibacterial qualities which make them the perfect candidates to put into use for treating boils.

Take a piece of onion and place it right over the boil, you can even wrap it around with a clean cloth and repeat the ritual three to four times a week.


Wrap some boiled parsley around the boil and repeat this a couple of times every day. It should fix the problem within a week or two.

Source: http://health-and-love-page.com