8 Natural Method for the Treatment of Sinusitis !

Natural Technique To Get Rid Of Sinus Infections Fast.

How many times have you reached for ‘finished’ drug when your nasal congestion due to colds or allergies?
Many seek quick and simple natural solutions to this annoying problem, but in the stir of life do not find the time to find a quality and proven methods.That is why we found for you a natural and effective means by which you will easily cleanse the sinuses and nostrils.Choose warm or cold compresses, inhalations, teas and other methods with which you will again breathe.
I have had a series of sinus infections, and my doctor says I have become resistant to the antibiotics used to treat the infection. How can ayurveda help?
Ayurveda associates these with pitta dosha, which governs metabolism and regulates inflammation. Finally, dampness, overeating, heavy meals in the evening, cold drinks, ice cream, and rich desserts can unbalance kapha, the lubricating dosha, and lead to sinusitis.

Whatever their cause, all sinus infections respond to measures that balance kapha—since it regulates mucus and fluids in the sinus cavity. A heavy, cold, slow, and sticky kapha can be balanced by foods and behaviors that create the opposite effect. Therefore, you should favor a light diet of warm, cooked foods that are easy to digest, such as steamed vegetables, non-creamy vegetable soups, cooked whole grains, and cooked fruits.

Avoid alcohol, red meat, and cold and iced foods and drinks, as well as all curdled foods like cheese and yogurt—both the dairy and non-dairy varieties. If you have symptoms of congestion and pressure, try frequent sips of hot beverages, such as herbal tea, throughout the day. You can also inhale the steam from a pot of freshly boiled water for five to 10 minutes, twice a day. Adding a couple drops of eucalyptus oil to the water after boiling will help open up nasal passages, but be sure to keep your eyes closed to prevent stinging.

1. Warm towel

Warm towel can help alleviate the headache associated with sinusitis.Soak a towel in hot water, wring it well and pour on it a few drops of eucalyptus oil and mint.Lay a towel while still warm, over his forehead and nose.Heat will occur, will moisten your nostrils and relieve the pain and pressure in the sinuses.The same procedure can be carried out with a dry towel preheated to the radiator (before Thoroughly clean the surface where you will warm up.

2. Cold compresses

While some irritating heat packs, others swear by the efficacy of cold compresses.Try this method.Take out of the freezer frozen peas or other vegetables.Wrap the frozen vegetables in a towel or cloth and a makeshift compress to your forehead. Keep a few minutes.


3. Aromatherapy inhalations

Inhalation of vapors enriched with essential oils greatly help in opening the sinuses.Essential oils have natural ingredients that help to purify the nostrils.And have antibacterial and antiviral properties, such as accelerating the recovery from an infection.During inhalation molecules of essential oils will penetrate you through the nostrils to the sinuses, dissolve mucus and facilitate its excretion.


Heat 2-4 dl water to the boil.
In hot water ukapajte 3-4 drops of essential oil (do not put more oil, you do not pair it ‘too harsh’).
Oils with the strongest decongestant properties (preventing the accumulation of mucus) are mint, eucalyptus, sage and tea tree.

You can apply itself mint or any combination of these.Lean over the bowl, cover head with a towel and inhale the steam.During the entire procedure, make sure the temperature of the water – vapor you can not bake during inhalation.
If the water is too hot, wait.
Keep your eyes closed and breathe only through your nose.
If steam excessively irritate the nostrils, occasionally lift the towel and breathe fresh air and return inhalation.

4. Friendly tea inhalation

Be creative and cook the ginger tea, mint, sage or chamomile. You can brew the tea mixture.After the boil, in the liquid ukapajte three to five drops of essential oils.This tea is not for drinking, but use it for inhalation.The combination of herbs and essential oils effective natural substance in opening the airways.

5. Ginger tea

Do you have a stuffy nose, can help you but just sipping tea.We highly recommend ginger tea.It’s great for the release of blocked nose and sinuses, and to ease the headaches associated with inflammation of the sinuses.For Ginger is credited with healing properties active ingredient gingerol.Angry flavor of this tea will warm your nostrils and sinuses and stimulate the dilution and mucus secretion.

Chop fresh ginger root, warm water and remove the bowl from the heat before boiling.Insert per 1 tablespoon grated ginger root in 2 dl water.Allow to stand for 10 to 15 minutes. Drink throughout the day.Fresh ginger is so rich in active ingredients to the same ingredients you can use two or three times for tea.Only pour more water, heat, let it sit for about ten minutes and drink.

6. Garlic

If you have a cold, discover the benefits of another spicy foods.Garlic has antibacterial and antifungal properties that make it useful in a number of diseases, and is excellent as a preventive measure.Be bold and eat daily for one to two cloves with pumpernickel bread.Nibble it slowly and in every bite, mix the garlic and bread.Will cause tears, and with them and encourage the secretion of mucus from the sinuses.

7.Rinsing with salt water

Get a neti container, also known as the English name of the neti pot and rhino horn (rhino horn).It is a plastic or metal bowl like a small teapot or Aladdin’s lamp.Pour hot water to the top of the plates and pour into it a teaspoon of sea salt (Himalayan excellent organic, finely milled salt).Insert the neck of the container into the nostril and let the water went through it and out through the other nostril into the sink.  When you spend about half the amount of water, insert the spout into the other nostril and repeat the process.Do this three times a day – morning, afternoon and evening.Warm salt water will cleanse the nostrils and sinuses, freeing them from the mucus, bacteria and impurities.Make sure the water is not too hot, otherwise the damage mucosa.