How To Win Rheumatism?

!Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s own immune system attacks itself. RA is characterized by chronic inflammation that destroys joints, tissues and organs over a period of time. You can beat rheumatoid arthritis by de-inflaming the body through natural lifestyle principles.

!Auto-immune conditions, like RA, are associated with hyper-responsive immunity. This means that whenever the body feels even slightly threatened it creates a wild and reckless inflammatory reaction. Often times this inflammatory reaction is systemic in that it affects the entire body. Other times it affects only specific regions such as the hands and fingers.

Overcoming auto-immune conditions like RA are primarily dependent upon rebuilding the intestinal wall, de-inflaming the body, and optimizing vitamin D3 levels.

If you are at the first time change began to feel pain in bones and joints, and walking difficulties -not despair, that does not mean you’ll do next summer to live with these problems. Rheumatism is a chronic disease, which worsens in rainy and cold months, but minimal changes habits, keep warm and appropriate therapy will help you to put it under control.

See what you need to do to is mastered.

  • WEAR Thermo Bandage

When it is cold outside, before you leave the house, the ill joints slide termoza-voje, elastic wool strips that act as a thermal regulator (maintain optimum body temperature and protect bones and joints from the cold). Thanks to this, you will help prevent or mitigate attacks rheumatism.

Otherwise, the thermal curves are very comfortable to wear – do not scratch and are not tightening, allowing the skin to breathe and does not cause excessive sweating and irritation.


Do not stay long under the air conditioner, or in places where increased air flow.

Direct exposure to the cooling unit and stay in the draft can easily cause stiffness and pain in the muscles, bones and joints.

  • Do not worry HANDS AND BODY

Do not overload the bag, hold it just things that you really need, and do not come back with a bunch of shopping bags. Get a bag with wheels to reduce the load arms and back.

Note that the lifting and carrying loads greatly aggravates the symptoms of rheumatism, especially those who have suffered the joints of the upper body.


To win rheumatism drink supplement that contains calcium, magenezijum, manganese and zinc. Each of these minerals plays an important role in the proper functioning of the locomotor system.

Calcium strengthens bones, magnesium suppresses inflammation of the joints and cramps, manganese repairs damaged articular cartilage, and zinc improves mobility.


While sitting in front of TV and watch your favorite show, you do the exercises for rheumatism that prevent swelling and deformity of the joints.

Here are some of the most useful

1) Support the forearms on the table and move the hands on the inside and on the outside.

2) Bend your arms at the elbows and pull the hand so that your fingers are intertwined. Hold out your hands, palms turned away from himself and toward you.

3) Rely on your elbows, raise your hands up and slowly bend hands into fists.

  • To win rheumatism regulate body weight

Do your best to bring his weight to normal. Settle meals, drink herbal teas, which accelerates metabolism, and physically activate.

It was found that obese people have a much more pronounced symptoms of rheumatism of those who were normal BMI, and weight loss significantly relieves pain in the hips, knees and ankles.

  • Don’t forget about the importance of vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a critical role in a balanced immune response. Vitamin D3, among many other functions, helps the body recognize between foreign and self-proteins. This process reduces auto-immune reactions and quiets chronic inflammation. Optimal vitamin D3 levels also allows for normalized stimulation of natural killer cells and macrophages that destroy antagnostic microbes and other pathogens in the body.

Over 90 percent of our modern society is deficient in Vitamin D. An ideal range for vitamin D3 (25-hydroxy cholcalciferol) is between 60-100 ng/ml – which is significantly higher than the medically acceptable 32 ng/ml. Be sure to know your levels and get them up around 80-90 ng/ml for optimal immune responses. Either get regular sun exposure on about 50 percent of your body, at peak periods between 10am-2pm, or supplement with 10,000 IU of high quality emulsified vitamin D3 to get to and stay at the desired levels.

It is advisable to monitor these levels with your healthcare provider


  • Eat lots of antioxidants and fermented foods

Antioxidant rich foods like organic berries, green leafy veggies, onions, garlic and bell peppers should be used throughout the day. Nutrient rich herbs such as turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, rosemary, oregano, thyme, basil and many others should be used as much as possible.

Fermented foods and beverages benefit the RA sufferer immensely and must be the cornerstone of the anti-inflammatory plan. This includes homemade sauerkraut, kombucha, coconut water kefir. Red cabbage sauerkraut is preferable due to its abundance of anthocyanin anti-oxidants compared to green cabbage. Fermented raw dairy from 100% grass-fed cows and goats provides some of the best superfoods with kefir, amasai and various cheeses.